1. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Judging will be based on both photographic skill and interpretation of the theme.
  2. In the event of the disqualification of a category winner all reasonable attempts will be made to determine the new winner, who will be announced as such through social media, website and an email communication to all entrants.
  3. The Jamestown Show Committee cannot be held responsible for the actions of email service providers preventing the communication of a win or disqualification to an entrant.
  4. The Jamestown Show Committee reserves the right to use any image entered into the contest for competition publicity, including print and electronic medias.
  5. The photographer always retains the copyright of their image. The Best 3 in each category, plus the People’s Choice and any other photograph the judges may select, will be printed for display at the Jamestown Show. The photographer may collect these in person at 4pm Monday October 7 from the Paddock to Plate Pavilion at the Jamestown Show, or arrange for delivery at their own cost. Duplicate copies of prints of the winning entry in each category, plus the People’s Choice, will be retained by the Jamestown Show Committee. The right is retained to use your work for future marketing and promotional purposes or event records, with credit to all photographers.
  6. The Jamestown Show Committee reserves the rights to supply the image to sponsors for the sole purpose of contest for publicity.
  7. The Jamestown Show Committee cannot be held responsible for the print quality, colour management or interpretation of the digital image supplied by the entrant during the printing process, and reserves the right to not include the image in the exhibition if the file does not meet the specifications outlined within these rules.
  8. The entrant accepts complete responsibility for gaining permission to enter and publish photos of the people featured in their photograph. The Jamestown Show Photo Competition accepts no liability for entrants that have not been given permission to enter and publish photos of people featured in the entered photograph.
  9. By entering the Jamestown Show Photography Contest you agree to reading, understanding and adhering to the rules and terms and conditions of entry.
  10. A high resolution file suitable for printing must be made available should it be requested for printing.
  11. Notification of shortlisted nominations will be sent via email or phone as well as being published on the Jamestown Show website and Facebook pages. 


  1. Entries close at 5pm on Sunday September 15, 2019.
  2. Entries are to be submitted via the ENTRIES portal at jamestowshow.com.au (after the completion of an online account and entry form).
  3. Each entrant must create a login at jamestownshow.com.au that will consist of that entrant’s name, address, and contact telephone number, plus month and year birth and parental consent for youth entries For each photograph submitted the entrant must provide the title, location (property or town), year of the photograph and the category it is to be entered into. Personal information will only be used for the purpose of this competition. Details will not be shared with any party, other than the names and contact details of winners with the relevant sponsors.
  4. Image files must be named in accordance with the photo title on the entry form. Hard copies or photos submitted on a USB will not be accepted.
  5. Entries must interpret this year’s theme: “Paddock to Plate”.
  6. Entries must be of photographic origin.
  7. The judging is done anonymously, consequently any photos with watermarks will not be accepted into the competition.
  8. Entries will be limited to 4 photos per category per person. Any photos entered in excess of this will not be considered.
  9. All entries must be entirely the work of the person entering the image.
  10. Stitching and stacking of images Is permitted, however objects may not be added or removed from the scene. Dust spot removal is accepted.
  11. Images may be processed as the photographer chooses, however an original file must be made available, if requested, for comparison.
  12. Entries not submitted according to the guidelines may not be accepted.
  13. Entries containing graphic content will not be accepted. The judges retain the right to disqualify an image if it is deemed unsuitable by consensus.
  14. In order to be suitable for publication, photographs that are submitted must be of high resolution in JPEG (.jpg) format. The file needs to be a minimum 2000 pixels on longest side for website uploads and a maximum 5000 pixels at a max 10MB in size. Winners of the competition may be contacted to supply larger format images for exhibition purposes. If high resolution copies cannot be provided the entry may be disqualified from the competition. NOTE: Large files may take some time to load, depending on your internet speed – please be patient when uploading.
  1. Votes for the People’s Choice award will close on September 15, 2019, at 9.00pm. Voting will be via Facebook only.

Specific Category Rules & Definitions:

Junior Categories:

Under 14 (as at 30.9.19) * proof of birth date and parental consent required for finalists

Under 18 (as at 30.9.19) * birth date and parental consent required for finalists


Open Categories:

  • Beginner: Relatively new to photography or with limited or basic technical knowledge. Predominantly uses auto modes and does little to no post-processing of images.
  • Intermediate: Some experience with photography with a moderate technical understanding of manual modes, lighting and composition. Post-processing and editing may be used more to refine final image.
  • Advanced: Experienced or professional photographers with a strong understanding of technical aspects, lighting and composition. Post-processing may use advanced techniques to produce a high-quality image.
  • The judges reserve the right to move any entry in an open category to a different level if they feel the entry does not fit the skill set of the category.


  1. The competition is open to anyone except those directly involved in the organisation and judging of the Jamestown Show Photography Competition.
  2. Employees of sponsors who have not been directly involved in the organisation of this competition are eligible to enter.
  3. It is open to all professional, amateur and student photographers.
  4. Entries by minors must include permission from a parent or guardian. Proof of consent will be required upon request before any printing is done or prizes awarded
  5. Model releases may be requested for images containing recognisable people.


  1. Prizes will be awarded as set out for each category to winners and second place.
  2. See the website for more details on categories and prizes.
  3. The prizes are not transferable.
  4. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent monetary value without giving notice.
  5. In the event that a winner is not contactable or does not respond to communications, any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited on the 1st November 2019.
  6. In the event of a disqualification we reserve the right to reclaim the monetary value of any prizes awarded to an entrant in error.
  7. Prints will not be duplicated if a winning photo is also the People’s Choice winner.